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Gadabout Goods' Story

Cambodia, Boy in Jungle, Angkor WatIndia, Morning Boat Ride, VaranasiMorocco, Marrakech Street Scene
India Desert Camel Safari, Founder Photo
"Gadabout" is an old English word that roughly translates to "one who travels for pleasure." Gadabout Goods was founded by Bibi, a life long gadabout.
Traveling and living abroad since childhood, she dreamed of creating a business with people and crafts around the world, and working to provide opportunities for those with few. Stops along the ancient Silk Road in Asia and Africa were her favorites, and friends and strangers always asked about her personal shopping from there. Staying in touch with the artisans who made those goods just happened naturally, and the dream of a shop that provided them a broader artistic platform grew.

Moving to Austin, she bought Sheila, the Truck, and started this website. You can now also shop Gadabout Goods with the Caravan Co-Op at the Hill Country Galleria. Our commitment to authenticity means we only work in regions we've either lived in or been traveling to for at least a decade. We have a long history with the people and traditions that have developed these crafts.When you shop Gadabout Goods, you are supporting a network of artists and entrepreneurs around the world living their dreams of artistic freedom and financial independence!