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The Gadabout Goods Story

Cambodia, Boy in Jungle, Angkor WatIndia, Morning Boat Ride, VaranasiMorocco, Marrakech Street Scene
India Desert Camel Safari, Founder Photo
Running a fair trade import business was always a dream for Gadabout Goods founder, Bibi, who lived and traveled around the world since she was a child. Meeting people from the most diverse backgrounds and interests opened her eyes to how similar we all are. And bringing goods home made by the amazingly creative people she met abroad carried those travels into her everyday life in a tangible, lasting way. Developing friendships with these artisans also exposed her to the horribly undervalued conditions many of them live in. So as she continued to travel and see these things, the seed of this idea to give them a platform through a shop grew.

Bibi was always been attracted to countries on the Silk Road. Perhaps this is because the aesthetic of these countries was so foreign to her as a child growing up in the States. Perhaps it's from her attraction to Art Nouveau, which was heavily influenced by Orientalism (in itself, an offensive style developed from the stereotypes of imperialism). Or perhaps it's just the way it is, and has no academic explanation! Regardless, the countries Bibi has found the strongest connections with are along this ancient route.

Finally, after years of working in other jobs around the world, saving up money and time for international adventures and artisan treasure hunts, she hit a wall and decided to make her dream a reality. Moving to Austin, she bought Sheila, the Truck, and started a website. Following her dream in opening this shop allows her to support artists around the world following their own dreams. When you buy from Gadabout Goods, you are supporting a network of artists and entrepreneurs around the world!