A Community for Independent Travelers

"Gadabout" is an old English word that roughly translates to "one who travels for pleasure." Gadabout Goods was begun by an inveterate gadabout as a platform for sharing travel treasures, but more importantly to nurture a supportive and welcoming community of independent travelers.

Travel can be challenging, especially solo travel, travel to more far-flung locals, and traveling as a woman or minority. Check out our "Travel Stories, Tips, and Musings" section as it grows, for articles and photos on all things travel. Gadabout Goods was founded with the belief that people are inherently the same everywhere and learning to communicate around the world with an open heart and open mind might be the most rewarding thing you can learn in this life.

Unique, small batch gifts from India, N Africa, and SE Asia

Gadabout Goods offers a thoughtfully curated, small batch collection of home goods, accessories and gifts from India, Southeast Asia, and North Africa. We seek out only the most beautiful and best made collections through extensive expeditions throughout the regions. Focusing on handmade items that support small communities, with a particular emphasis on empowering women, allows us to make a difference in this small world.

Gadabout Goods Founder

The Life of a Gadabout