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Voodoo Doll Pin Handmade
Voodoo Doll Pin, Orange
Voodoo Doll Pin, Orange
Voodoo Doll Pin, Orange

Voodoo Doll Pin, Orange

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These super quirky pins make the perfect gift for yourself and loved ones. Each one is hand knit by Janur on Java, with moveable arms and legs, and a soft felt heart that'll warm your insides!

Each piece arrives to you carefully wrapped with handmade notes about its origin, passing on a personal connection and adding a uniqueness to the shopping (or gifting) experience.

Gadabout Goods’ Yogyakarta collection is eclectic as the city itself. Known as an arts and cultural capital of Indonesia, Jogja (as it’s affectionately called) is a hub of young artists and creativity. The ramshackle old streets are dotted with colorful, socially conscious graffiti art and local hipsters gather at coffee shops and art openings. This is a city that fascinatingly fuses old and new, and the handicrafts reflect that.