Handmade Clutch Purse Womens Collective Morocco

Clutch, Pom Pom

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Hand made from Raffia and Yarn by the Moroccan women's collective. 

Fully lined, zipper closure topped with another pom pom.

It is still uncommon for women to be a part of the workforce in Morocco. Family and tradition often discourage or ban women from taking jobs. If they do work, they are rarely paid a fair wage for their trouble. Recognizing the need to empower women in her community, Amina began a small cooperative outside Fez, providing training and fair wage jobs for local women. They work with natural materials and traditional practices to craft beautiful pieces. Much of their work is accented by hand made silk “buttons”, a craft developed by Moroccan Jewish women centuries ago. Each piece you buy supports this amazing cooperative empowering women in rural Morocco, and the continuation of this unique cultural heritage.