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Peaked Spinner Bracelet
Peaked Spinner Bracelet
Peaked Spinner Bracelet

Peaked Spinner Bracelet

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Gorgeous carved bracelet cuffed with a spine of intricate carvings and spinnable silver balls, handmade by Karen Tribe silversmiths in northern Thailand.

Especially prized for its shine and craftsmanship, Karen Hill Tribe jewelry is made using only 98% silver or higher. Compared to the 92.5% silver of sterling, this higher grade silver has a beautiful velvety soft shine. It is also softer, which makes it easier for the silversmiths to carve and shape.

Also known as the “Long Neck Karen”, some Karen women wear brass coils around their necks, adding coils as they age. The weight of the coils depress their chests and give the appearance of a stretched neck. They believe the longer the neck, the more beautiful the woman.

Each piece arrives to you carefully wrapped with handmade notes about its origin, passing on a personal connection and taking some anonymity out of the shopping experience.

Photos in collaboration with Lindsay Dennison