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Kasploy Jungle Bag
Kasploy Jungle Bag
Kasploy Jungle Bag

Kasploy Jungle Bag

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An incredibly detailed jungle design by Ploy Kasom in Chiang Mai, fascinates on this comfortable shoulder bag. Humans, jungle animals, plants, women with river-like hair fill the landscape. Make sure to zoom in for a closer look!

A sturdy zipper runs along the top, and an inner zippered pocket sits in the black canvas lining.

Bag body measures approximately 15" x 10.5"

Nestled in the mountains of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has always attracted visitors for its stunning geography, legions of ancient Buddhist temples, and status as a hub of arts and culture. Despite its popularity, Chiang Mai remains a peaceful city best seen through slow meanders of its tree and temple lined boulevards, and interactions with its locals- some of the warmest people  in the world! Amidst all this, you find artists and makers on every corner, following ancient practices and creating new ones.