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Berber Basket, Tagines - GadaboutGoods
Berber Basket, Tagine
Berber Basket, Tagines - GadaboutGoods
Berber Basket, Tagines - GadaboutGoods

Berber Basket, Tagine

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Great for display or storage. All natural materials traditionally made to store bread, these are super for storing other food like onions, garlic, potatoes, or sit plants inside for a cute and colorful display.

Approximately 5" wide and 6" tall.

These pots are hand woven by Mohamed and his family in Fez, Morocco. Shaped like small Tagines, they are made from natural raffia, wrapped in sisal thread. Sisal thread is a soft, fragrant thread made from the fiber of the agave plant. Used for decoration, display, or sensible container, each colorful pot you buy supports this family of artisans.

Each piece arrives to you carefully wrapped with handmade notes about its origin, passing on a personal connection and taking some anonymity out of the shopping experience.

Gadabout Goods’ second collection is from the ancient city of Fez, in northern Morocco. Considered by many to be Morocco’s intellectual and cultural capital, Fez is home to the world’s oldest university, and its sprawling medina (old city) is the largest car-free urban zone on the planet. The medina mystifies visitors with its warren of tiny lanes leading to various souks (markets), bursting with goods, people, donkeys, and carts.

Fez is truly a magical place!