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Face Covering Adjuster Tutorial

Our quick tutorial for adding silicone adjusters to Gadabout Goods face coverings

1. Un-knot the end of your face covering string. You will be pairing up the 2 top strings and the 2 bottom strings. These masks were designed to tie with top strings and bottom strings together. This assures the safest and most comfortable fit. We do not recommend attaching the side strings together behind your ears on these masks as it will interfere with fit and comfort.
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 1
2. Find the hole in your silicone adjuster. Insert a bobby pin through the smaller end (don't worry, it will fit through!).
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 2
3. Pinch end of the first top string to help insert through the loop of bobby pin (wetting the end of string can help as well).
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 3
4. Pull end of string through bobby pin loop.
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 4
5. Pull bobby pin with string through adjuster hole. This can be difficult with larger strings, but it will fit through with a little muscle!
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 5
6. Pull end of string through adjuster hole
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 6
7. Re-insert the bobby pin through adjuster hole exactly as step 2, alongside the first string.
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 7
8. Repeat process for the second top string.
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 8
9. Tie knots at the ends of strings to keep adjuster secure.
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 9
10. Repeat entire process for bottom strings.
Mask Adjuster Tutorial Step 10
That's it! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any trouble, questions, or concerns. Thank you for supporting small business and keeping yourself and others safe during these crazy times❤️