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Hand Carved Berber Bracelet, Silver
Hand Carved Berber Bracelet, Silver, with Berber Enamel Ring
Vintage Berber Bracelet with Spheres

Vintage Berber Bracelet with Spheres

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This stunning hand carved silver bracelet was made by the Berbers of the Sahara Desert.

Please note, this is a vintage piece and shows the charm of its age.

Each piece arrives to you carefully wrapped with handmade notes about its origin, passing on a personal connection and taking some anonymity out of the shopping experience.

The Berber people are traditionally desert nomads who have lived in North Africa since pre-historic times. Women dominate many Berber communities and women in the Tuareg tribe ran their desert camps. Also known as “the blue people”, the Tuaregs wear indigo dyed robes, turbans, and veils that stain their skin blue. Berber jewelry is known for its heavy, beaten silver, colorful stones, and symbolism. Each piece has a purpose.